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Our Story

TIME FORCE was founded during 1991 in Wallbach, a north-western village bordering the Rhine River in the canton of Aargau, Switzerland. Within a small wooden shack next to the founder’s home, and a handful employee, the idea of TIME FORCE was first conceived. Already since the dawning of the brand, it was determined to create a superb-quality wristwatch with distinctive visual designs that disrupted the classic and conservative aesthetic of traditional Swiss timepieces - at an affordable price point.


This audacious ambition required a team of creative specialists and connoisseurs to forge such ultimate concept. It is then when watchmakers from different backgrounds and international know-how, mustered by the same relentless spirit and ambition, join forces to bring forth the first collection. Amidst a selective range of timepieces with fresh designs, concept and distinctive brand signature characteristics, TIME FORCE is brought to life. To reinforce their values, the first logo served as an example of classical disruption by huddling geometrical shapes instead of incorporating traditional cursive crest-like emblems which characterised most Swiss brands at the time.


The creative efforts blossomed during the first decade, earning the brand international presence, recognition and praise within the industry - but it was only until 2006 when the brand experienced a paramount evolution that would shape its history forever.


Spain, a market worldly renowned for its fashion and elegance across several industries, became the main creative force in the history of TIME FORCE. Grupo Valentín, a predominant family owned corporation based in the Spanish capital of Madrid, reinvigorated the brand by incorporating part of their in-house supply chain with a workforce of several hundreds and a colossal marketing investment that propelled the brand’s status into a new era. During this period came the creation of a fresh new logo and the first slogan which aimed to preserve the initial vision that sparked within the wooden shack in Wallbach as “Ultimate Concept Watches”.


One of the core marketing strategies was the use of ambassadorship figures; an idea and test first carried out by official distributors in South America which proved to be effective at gaining exposure. These ambassador partnerships were later replicated with influential figures of international recognition. Carefully selected to represent the brand’s style and identity, TIME FORCE launched worldwide scale campaigns and special collections with celebrities such as Rafael Nadal, Pau Gasol, Elsa Pataky, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gerard Piqué and Alberto Contador ­– always maintaining a strong sense of entertainment and sportsmanship into their direction.


The exposure and brand awareness gained during these global campaigns allowed TIME FORCE to become represented across all continents and over 50 nations.


During 201 Spain and the corporation in charge of TIME FORCE suffered considerable external economic challenges and internal disputes which ultimately forced them to cease operations resulting in one of the darkest periods for the brand. Luckily for the brand, given it’s great reputation and international consumer demand, the Swiss seasoned watch-industry family Trusendi, under the American based corporation Time Products Corp - who long shared a successful history with TIME FORCE – fully acquired the brand 2019 to ensure its continuity and preservation of its core values upheld to this day as “Ultimate Concept Watches” that once again return to its roots in Switzerland.


TIME FORCE remains reputable due to its vibrant designs and high-quality timepieces that portray a pioneering spirit and authentic lifestyle essence. Being boldly-elegant, trendy and sport-themed, the brand is worldwide committed to provide every die-hard fan and brand aficionado, the ultimate timepiece experience with the latest concepts and unique designs.


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