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If your TIME FORCE has been purchased from an unauthorized distributor or Agent, it will NOT be covered by the warranty !


We hereby certify that TIME FORCE has a limited warranty for manufacturing defects valid for two (2) years since purchase.


Each watch will contain a warranty certificate inside the box.  Depending on the model, you may also find an owner´s manual; or you can download it online by clicking “Here”.


Damage due to improper use, batteries, leather and silicon strap, crystals or normal wear and tear of the watch will not be covered by the warranty. Regarding watches with chronograph, (pushbuttons) if they are operated underwater, this may cause serious damage to your watch – thus, such mishandling will not be covered by the warranty. Please do not operate the buttons under water. See also the "Watch Care" section.


In order to obtain a warranty service, the watch must be presented together with the warranty card which provides the watch reference and date of purchase. If you misplaced the warranty card, you can also provide the invoice correspondent to the purchase – this should contain the same warranty information that is required. Without the required information mentioned above, warranty service cannot be accessed.


Watches that have been repaired in unauthorized places or have attempted to modify the original state the watch will lose the warranty.


It is also very important that you read carefully the conditions of the warranty that you have purchased so you can clearly understand what it covers.


If you want any clarification regarding the warranty of your watch, our Technical Service will be happy to assist you in helping you answer any doubts you may have. Please contact them through the following email address:




Thank you for taking the time to read our warranty section. We trust this information was sufficient to solve your doubts. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time, we’re always happy to help.




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