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Watch Care

Tips for your Time Force


  • Be sure to purchase you timepiece from an authorized agent or retail "STORE". This will grant you peace of mind and guarantee the safety of your information during any transaction.


  • Make sure the corresponding warranty is delivered to you and that the jeweller has correctly filled it in. This will prevent you from any issue regarding a possible request covered by your warranty.


  • Make sure you understand all the functions from your Time Force. You may download the owner’s manual online by clicking the following option: “DOWNLOAD MY MANUAL”.


  • Make sure you keep the original TF box to store your watch - you may need it to place your timepiece in case of repair so it is properly and safely stored during the exchange and delivery.




Once you acquire your new Time Force, it is very important that you take into account these useful tips so you may enjoy your timepiece for as long as possible and at the lowest cost.


  • Read the corresponding instructions from your watch carefully – each timepiece may have a different function as it varies from one model to another. If you don’t fully understand the functions, please refer back to the store or any authorized agent from the brand - so they can walk you through the correct and proper use.


  • If you do not understand the functions from your watch, don´t attempt to find out by yourself. You may damage the timepiece. Erroneous or improper handling will not be covered by the warranty and may result in a costly repair.


  • Each new watch contains a transparent plastic adhesive attached to the back-case of the timepiece (i.e. the opposite side of the dial) and is meant for protection; however, this adhesive must be removed promptly. Doing otherwise may result in a premature rusting and damage of the back-case.


  • When buying a new watch with a metal bracelet, make sure it is comfortably adjusted around your wrist. Wear your watch with a slightly loose bracelet to prevent poor circulation to the hand. Doing otherwise may eventually lead to an expensive adjustment of your bracelet.


  • Wearing wristbands next to the watch is not recommended as the constant rubbing between the case and the wristbands may deteriorate the external appearance of the watch. This may lead to scratches across the crystal, case and bracelet. Such unnecessary maintenance is costly. Keep that in mind.


  • If your Time Force contains PVD (process which vaporizes a number of metals, and then binds it on a surface, in layers, in a heated vacuum) it is not uncommon to observe a slight change in colour-tone over time.


  • We strongly suggest you avoid applying body cream, lotion or perfume when close to your watch; such exposure may alter the PVD colour. You may instead apply all you desire before wearing the watch. In case of applying perfume while wearing your watch, pull down your sleeve – covering the case - and place your arm behind you back while you apply your perfume with your opposite hand.


  • If your watch is waterproof, it is important to wash it with water and liquid soap at least once a month to remove all the impurities that are adhering daily, this will keep your watch brighter and prevent it from oxidation and premature deterioration.


  • If your watch contains a leather strap, clean it with a soft handkerchief once a week and remember that the leather belts are not resistant to water. If exposed to water, it may darken its original colour and deteriorate prematurely.


  • If your watch is meant for diving and has a screw cap, it is important to verify that it is tightly screwed, especially when the calendar ends at 30 and you must manually correct the date - for which you have to unscrew the crown. Submerging yourself with an ill-fitting crown can cause one of the most costly damages to a watch and such damage is not covered by the warranty.


  • When operating a waterproof chronograph watch, be careful not to press the pushers (buttons) under water. If you operate these pushers under water it is very likely that water will enter the watch and thus, severely damage the movement (internal machine). This damage will not be covered by the warranty since it is a bad handling by the user.


  • All quartz watches, even if you do not use them, will continue to work even if you have the watch stored away. The battery will continue to wear out until it is fully discharged. Depending on the model of your watch, there are batteries that last between a year and up to five. You may preserve the battery by pulling the crown out, this will stop the clock, however, we do not recommend leaving the watch in such position for a long period of time as it can cause damage to the movement.


  • When changing the batter, make sure that it is done by an authorized agent of the brand, otherwise you will risk placing a battery that is not the original one. Instruct the watchmaker - once he has changed the battery - to make the waterproofing control (if it is a waterproof watch).


  • It is common for a watch to lose its waterproofing after the battery is changed and may require a gasket change. The only way to do this control is by having a special equipment that allows you to control the tightness of the watch. By not doing this control, improper battery change can become serious and costly damage that will NOT be covered by the warranty.


  • It is advisable you request a preventive maintenance on a regular basis. This process should only be done by an authorized agent and in accordance to your type of watch. Maintenance is usually recommended every two years.


If you follow these practical recommendations, you can enjoy your Time Force watch and your investment for a long time.




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