It is very important that all people who are going to buy a TIME FORCE watch, take into account the following precautions:

  • For safety and security, make sure you buy your TIME FORCE watch from an authorized agent.
  • Make sure that the corresponding guarantee is delivered and that the Jeweler has filled it out correctly, completing all the requested information.
  • Ask for an explanation of watch functions at the store of purchase. If needed, you can download the corresponding manual.
  • Request the original box to store your new watch, which you may need at any given time, to send it to a service center.


Practical tips to ensure a long-lasting and excellent experience with your new TIME FORCE watch.

  • Lread carefully the instructions specific to your watch as there may be differences in functions between each model. If you have any questions, go to the point where you made the purchase of your watch and an authorized agent of the brand will explain the correct handling.
  • It is important to clarify that any damage due to improper use is not covered by the guarantee. If you are not sure about any function in your watch, we advise you to refer to the official manual or consult us directly.
  • All of our new watches come with a transparent protective adhesive on the lid or bottom of the watch. Before using the watch, make sure to remove the adhesive as it can cause oxidation over time and bottom damage.
  • When buying a watch with a metal strap it is recommended that have the bracelet adjusted to your size at the place of purchase. Using the watch with a long or loose pulse is not recommended.
  • It is not recommended to wear the watch together with jewelry or bracelets as the constant friction between the watch and the bracelets can deteriorate the external appearance of the watch and cause expensive and unnecessary maintenance that will not be covered by the guarantee.
  • Watches that have a PVD finish (color treatment on steel) are subject to slightly change their original hue or hue, this is normal and is the result of exposure to the sun and different temperatures. However, it is explicitly recommended to avoid using body creams, lotions or spraying perfume in the area where the watch is worn as it may deteriorate or stain the coloration. This refers to improper use and will not be covered by warranty.
  • For waterproof watches, it is important to wash them with liquid soap and water. This is recommended to be done at least once a month to clean all the impurities that adhere to it daily, this will keep the watch brighter and prevent it from oxidation and premature deterioration.
  • For watches with leather straps, they should be cleaned with a soft tissue. It s recommended to do it once a week. It is important to remember that leather straps are not designed to be submerged underwater. Getting them wet can darken their original color and prematurely deteriorate their appearance.
  • For diving watches with a screw-down crown, it is important to check that the screw-down crown is tight and screwed down, especially if the calendar date has recently been corrected. Additionally, submerging with the crown improperly adjusted can cause some of the most costly damage to a watch and that damage is not covered under warranty.
  • For watches with a chronograph function that are waterproof, care must be taken not to press the chronograph pushers (buttons) under water Activate Push buttons underwater can cause water to enter the watch, resulting in permanent movement damage. This damage will not be covered by the warranty as it falls under the category of misuse.
  • Avoid using the watch in environments such as a Sauna or Turkish Bath, it can cause damage that will not be covered by the guarantee.
  • All quartz watches continue to work even when not in use, therefore the battery will continue to wear down even when stored until it is fully discharged . Depending on the model of the watch, the battery can last between one and five years. Retracting the crown outwards to stop the mechanism is not recommended as leaving the watch in that position for a long time can cause damage to the machine.
  • When requesting a battery change in your watch, be sure to do it with an authorized agent of the brand, since otherwise you may run the risk of having a non-original battery inserted. If it is a waterproof watch, demand that once the battery has been changed, they do a waterproof check. By not carrying out this control, improper battery change can become serious and costly damage that will not be covered by the guarantee.
  • It is recommended to perform preventive maintenance on your watch every two years. This work must be carried out by an authorized agent. Depending on the watch model, the periodicity will be different, but maintenance is generally recommended every two years.

If you follow these practical recommendations you will be able to enjoy your TIME FORCE for a long time.