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time force legends

oscar cordoba

For the second time in our repertoire of emblematic figures for the brand, TIME FORCE incorporates a second Colombian with a long sports history and indisputable brand values. Oscar Córdoba, former soccer player and Colombian national goalkeeper and player in Italian, Argentine and Turkish international teams, is the first retired ambassador to be part of our universe.

time force legends

Alberto counter

Celebrating the start of the third decade in TIME FORCE's history - having featured towering figures in soccer, tennis and entertainment - a new chapter is ushered in by adding an iconic figure of the sport whose perseverance and ferocity lead him to be considered as the natural successor to Lance Armstrong.

time force legends

Cristiano ronaldo - cr7

Having consolidated the masculine and feminine image - together with Elsa Pataky - a campaign similar to that of Rafael Nadal and Pau Gasol is launched with a greater focus on luxury. In this way, the new characteristic jewelery collections of each ambassador are made known.

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time force legends

Gerard Piqué

Having noticed the impact of figures like Rafael Nadal or Pau Gasol on brand identity and visibility, it is not long before it is decided to involve outstanding athletes in the most massive and important sport in the world – soccer.

time force legends

Elsa Pataky

Around the same time with Rafael Nadal and Pau Gasol, the female version of the brand was incorporated. Elsa Pataky, a renowned Spanish actress whose professional career was rapidly ascending, inspired TIME FORCE to make her part of the universe as her indisputable class, elegance and style revealed the fundamental characteristics to give a truly feminine twist to her audience.

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time force legends

Rafael Nadal

Before being ranked world No. 2 in men's singles tennis by the Association of Tennis Professionals, young Rafael Nadal was vying to move up his professional tennis career.

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Time Force Legends

Pau Gasol

The visibility of TIME FORCE begins to take a clear direction towards sports and entertainment.

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time force legends

manolo cardona

At the end of the first decade in the history of TIME FORCE, the first South American ambassador is incorporated. A Colombian actor whose short but successful career shared a similar journey with that of the brand.